Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six Steps to Reading Your Bible

[] 15 Oct 2008--The Bible is such a huge book: wherever do you start? We all know it is good for us, but then so were cabbages, according to Mum.

So we stick with the familiar and read some of the New Testament, but very little of the Old. And we often find that the place we most often read the Bible is in church, or else at our Bible study group. (I meant to read the passage we are studying before I came tonight, but never seemed to get around to it.)

This is where Matthias Media’s new resource may provide some help. Six Steps to Reading Your Bible is a six week series, centred around a DVD of talks and skits which are designed to help us think through what the Bible is, why it is worth reading and how we may best go about it.

Six Steps to Reading Your Bible can be order from Matthias Media USA.

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