Friday, November 28, 2008

Abuse of boys “still ignored”

[World Vision UK] 28 Nov 2008--The world is still “largely silent and unresponsive” to the needs of boys as both victims and survivors of sexual abuse, according to World Vision.

A report on attitudes to sexual abuse of children in Cambodia and face-to-face interviews with more than 400 children and young people around the world has revealed that while abuse of boys is widespread, it is not taken as seriously as abuse of girls.

“The attention to the needs of girls is well deserved,” said Laurence Gray, World Vision’s Director of Advocacy in Asia.

“But the world has been largely silent and unresponsive to the needs of boys both as victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

“Shame and ignorance have hidden the extent of the problem of sexual abuse of boys and many governments and civil society organisations lack the skills and resources to respond.

“While society expanded and improved the quality of care to girls, the abuse of boys has largely been ignored and neglected.”

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