Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If You Have Not Voted...

Opinion by Robin G. Jordan

If you have not voted, I urge you to go to the polls and vote for life. Vote for the candidate for President who really is pro-life, not for the candiate whose campaign has sought to portray him as pro-life when his record clearly shows that he is pro-death and who, if he is elected President, will sign legislation that guarantees abortion on demand. A President who does not hesitate over the killing of the unborn will not hesitate over the killing of the severely-handicapped. the chronically- and terminally-ill, and the the elderly.

Vote for the candidates for Congress who are really pro-life, not those who claim their pro-life but once they are in Congress will not buck their party and will vote the party line.

Brave the lines at the polls. Your vote will save lives.

If you are a Christian, keep one thing in mind: a vote for life is a vote for Jesus who came not to make friends with death but to CONQUEROR death! In voting for life, you are allying yourself with the Lord of life!

Vote for life!

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