Friday, November 21, 2008

Indian Pastor Appeals for Prayer Amid Death and Suffering

[The Christian Post] 21 Nov 2008--The Bible Society in India has received a desperate appeal from a pastor in troubled Orissa state for prayers for the persecuted Christian community there, as thousands remain scattered across makeshift government camps or are hiding in the homes of relatives and sympathetic Hindus.

The letter from Pastor Raj details the atrocities committed against Christians in the north eastern Indian state by radical Hindus angry over the murder of their leader in August. Although the attacks – including killings, rapes, and the destruction of homes – have ceased in the last few weeks, Christian groups in India say the situation on the ground remains precarious.
Raj described how he and his family escaped an attack on their home by seeking refuge in the house of a Christian friend, before fleeing to the forest where they remained for five days only to make their way to a camp some 10 km away. The camp, he reported, was sheltering around 5,000 people, many sick or elderly with no food provision. He and his family have since found shelter in a neighboring state.

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