Saturday, December 06, 2008

Missionary couple charged with sedition in The Gambia

[Religious Intelligence] 6 Dec 2008--A British couple working as missionaries in The Gambia have been charged with sedition following their arrest last Saturday, at a court in the nation’s capital, Banjul.

David Fulton, 60, from Troon in Ayrshire worked as a chaplain in the Gambian army, since moving there 12 years ago with his wife Fiona, 46, from Torquay in Devon. They now stand accused of writing letters which “bring into hatred or contempt, to excite disaffection” against the Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh. They have pled not guilty. Their case has been adjourned until December 16.

The Gambian President has been famously zealous in the implementation of laws which protect him, since he assumed power in 1994. People who are on the roads when his cars pass along, can be shot. The Fultons have been paraded on Gambian television as prisoners since their arrest at the weekend.

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