Friday, March 06, 2009

Building passion for God

[] 6 Mar 2009--I read a very interesting article in the February 28 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. It was about the way we make decisions. In it, the writer argued that traditionally we have thought that emotions get in the way of making right decisions, but now there is clinical evidence that indicates emotions are crucial in decision making.

The article narrates the story of a man who, because of a brain tumour, lost all ability to have emotions. This caused him to become a “dispassionate, uninvolved spectator”.

The man’s neurologist concluded that: “cut off from our feelings, the most banal decisions become impossible. A brain that can’t feel can’t make up its mind”.

At this moment, no one knows whether this hypothesis is correct, and I am not even sure if the reporting is accurate or complete, but it did make me think again about emotions and how Christians should respond to them.

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