Monday, December 07, 2009

US Diocese elects openly immoral Bishop

[EV News] 7 Dec 2009--Yesterday the Diocese of Los Angeles voted to elect Mary Glasspool as its next Bishop. Glasspool teaches the acceptability of homosexual practice, asserts to be a homosexual and lives with here female 'partner'. The election has to be ratified by the wider episcopal Church but in July the previous moratorium on such people being elected was lifted so ratification looks likely.

This is another clear symptom of a deeper problem, that the majority of episcopalians in the US have abandoned apostolic Christianity. Their new religion puts their own ideas of morality and equality above the Christian belief in faithfulness to the revealed will of God.


DomWalk said...

My hope (against hopes) is that TEC will get themselves kicked out of the Communion, and will lose legal standing in property disputes because of it, Dennis Canon, notwithstanding.

One can dream, no?

Keep it up, TEC! Bring back the mohammedan priestess! More communion services for canines!

DomWalk said...

Is Ramirez still at the LA Times? This classic from 2003 was perfect.

DomWalk said...
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