Saturday, February 27, 2010

Multi-Site Churches Spreading in Post-Christian Europe

"Holy Trinity Brompton is a London-based church that has also adopted the multi-site strategy. The church draws about 4,500 people weekly.

Miles Toulmin, executive pastor of HTB, went multi-site with a vision for the 're-evangelization of the UK and the transformation of society,' according to the report.

'We worked out how big we would need to be to resource the vision, and decided that going multi-site would be the best way to help us expand the base for church planting,' Toulmin stated.

Toumlin explained that they were holding five services in one building and four of them were completely full.

With 'nowhere to grow,' the HTB pastor said they 'wanted to do something that would grow the base, but keep alignment with our core DNA – which was more likely in a multi-site situation.'

HTB still currently conducts four services at each of their two sites, but that is partly due to the lack of affordable and available buildings in central London, he said.

HTB also utilizes video teaching but has campus pastors and live worship at each site. And while the Brompton location offers a more traditional church experience, the second site at St. Paul's Onslow Square offers a more informal style with everyone sitting on bean bags and sipping coffee."

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