Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches

"Holographic preachers are stirring another technology-gone-too-far debate among Christians.

While the dust over beaming preachers on a video screen on multi-site campuses has somewhat settled, the new 3D tool is raising more questions and concerns among some believers.

"Since so many of us in the west are convinced that entertaining pew fodder is critical to advancing 'the gospel' and that only a very few have the necessary gifts to preachertain – this will become the 'perfect' solution," Bill Kinnon, author of A Networked Conspiracy, Social Networks, The Church & the Power of Collective Intelligence, wrote in a recent blog post.

What has Kinnon and many other Christians talking is the holographic technology that music artist Madonna famously used at the Grammy Awards in 2006 and that one company wants to promote in churches."

To read it all, click here.

What next? Holograms of the congregation in the pews? Stay home and hear your pastor preach right in your living rooom--in 3D?!


aaytch said...
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aaytch said...

As you may know, Ed Stetzer is a missiology consultant to AC-NA. He was a speaker at the recent Anglican 1000 Mission Conference http://anglican1000.org/?/main/page/C7.

He is also on record as not opposing this sort of stuff. http://www.christianpost.com/article/20100305/hologram-preachers-slated-to-appear-in-churches/pageall.html

Like with Rick Warren, this is another unfortunate association for ACNA, don't you think.

1662 BCP said...

Holograms of the English Reformers would be alright.