Friday, June 04, 2010

Evangelism for Introverts: Sharing Christ the Way God Designed You

If you're a typical introvert, you're probably starting this article thinking "maybe it'll give me hope." When you saw the title, you expected to see suggestions to be more bold, more obedient and more committed in sharing your faith. You don't really want to read it, but you're thinking, "If I can learn some new techniques, maybe I'll be more successful and see more results, and God (and others) will be pleased with me." You really want to share your faith, but it seems so hard.

Sorry-this article won't go there. Witnessing will never get easier if you're focusing on techniques. If it's hard and you inwardly dread sharing your faith, it's probably because you're trying to do something in ways that don't match the way God designed you.

For years I wanted to be an effective witness. I took classes, listened to sermons and read books about evangelism. I tried every method I could find, but it seemed to get harder instead of easier. I wondered, "If God wanted me to share my faith, why didn't He give me a more outgoing personality? Why should it be so hard?" I finally gave up on evangelism, because I got tired of feeling guilty.

That began a journey from guilt-based sharing to grace-based caring and sharing. I discovered that God made me in exactly the way He wanted so He could work through that temperament. He didn't want me to become something I wasn't; He wanted me to be me.

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