Friday, December 24, 2010

The Children of Green Knowe

I discovered the books of Lucy M. Boston late in life. Ms. Boston herself did not have her first book published until she was over 60. She is best known for her Green Knowe books. BBC adapted The Children of Green Knowe for TV and showed the story in four parts in 1986. Tolly’s great grandmother, Mrs. Oldland, invites him to her home, Green Knowe, for the Christmas holidays. Tolly has never met his great grandmother or visited Green Knowe before. At Green Knowe Tolly encounters and befriends the spirits of three children, Toby, Alexander, and Linnet, who lived at Green Knowe during the reign of Charles II and died in the Great Plague of 1665.

The Children of Green Knowe is a delightful story, and is not only suitable for viewing on Christmas Day or during the Christmas season but all year round.

If you have a child or grand child who loves to read, I definitely recommend Ms. Boston’s Green Knowe books and her other works of children's fiction. I have read as many of her books as I have been able to lay my hands on. I suspect that other adults would enjoy reading them too.

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