Friday, January 21, 2011

On the Dublin Meeting: Global South Anglican Editorial

There have been various interests and concerns expressed about the absence of some Global South Primates at the forthcoming Dublin Primates’ Meeting.

Where these Primates are concerned, arriving at such decision was not a sudden or knee-jerk reaction. Both before, and more so after, The Episcopal Church has once again proceeded, against widespread appeals and warnings across the Anglican Communion, not least from the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, to consecrate an openly lesbian Mary Glasspool as bishop. The concerned group of Global South Primates had communicated very clearly with the Archbishop of Canterbury, especially those who were present at the All African Bishops’ Conference (Entebbe, Uganda Aug 2010), in a private conversation with him. They have indicated that it would be extremely difficult - and in fact, quite pointless - for them to be present at the planned Primates’ Meeting 2011.

Unless and until there is unequivocal commitment to honour the agreed basis of Lambeth Resolution 1.10 and implement the decisions of previous Primates’ Meetings (2005, 2007, 2009) expressed in the respective Communiqués, especially that of Dar es Salem 2007, it will only lead to further erosion of the credibility of the Primates’ Meeting and accentuate our failure to honour the work already done by them.

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Stephen Noll left this noteworthy comment in response to this article posted on Stand Firm:

Not only is the outcome of the upcoming Primates’ meeting predictable to anyone who is old enough to have gone through CPE and sensitivity training. It raises the prior question: who set the agenda for the meeting? Was it the Primates in some global skype call? Was it the fictitious Primates’ Standing Committee? Oops, half of them resigned? Was it the so-called Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion? Well whatever, it clearly did not involve the Primates of the Global South, even thought they had sent in their agenda in advance.

Much has been made of Canterbury’s use of his “inviting power” vis a vis the Instruments of Unity, but the truth is, it is his “orchestrating power,” in sync with his ACO chamber group, that has been more destructive of Anglican discipline and unity. Twice – at Dromantine and Dar – the Global South Primates sought to break through this power, but clearly they have decided that it is a fruitless exercise.

So the only Instrument that has tried to stand up to the powers that be in London and New York has become an indaba group facilitated by someone who will guarantee the rump Primates emerge, in the smarmy words of Abp. Hiltz, “with a more wholesome view of the Communion …that the Anglican Communion is not all about tension and strife and division.”

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