Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ordinariate Watch: The Great Re-Alignment

What is really going on with the Anglican Ordinariate? Why has Pope Benedict XVI taken such a bold and innovative step? This is historic. Never before has the Catholic Church opened its doors so wide to a group of Protestants in such a creative way.

Essentially Pope Benedict is creating a little Anglican Church within the Catholic Church. The Anglican Ordinariate will have its own governing structure. It could have its own seminaries, its own religious houses, its own hierarchy and its own global network in addition to its own liturgy, customs and traditions.

Has Pope Benedict created the Anglican Ordinariate simply because he, himself is a secret Anglo Catholic who likes smells and bells and lacy cottas? Is it because, as critics charge, that the Catholic Church is dwindling and doesn't have enough priests and so they've come up with a scheme to corral as many former Anglicans as possible? Is it a cunning plan to undermine the liberal Catholics who Benedict sees as the real enemy?

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