Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dave Gibbons: What If Christians Really Lived Out Unity

Popular speaker and Southern California pastor Dave Gibbons questioned on Friday whether Christians really consider one another "brothers and sisters."

"The reason why the world looks at us and says 'sham' is because we preach 'brothers and sisters,' 'family,' and 'unity' stuff and we actually don't live it," he said, as he addressed some 2,000 pastors and lay believers.

Pastor of Newsong Community Church, Gibbons was among the last of the eight speakers at the four-day Radicalis Conference, hosted by Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

As he tackled the topic of "radical boldness," he called on pastors to collaborate as opposed to "doing your own thing."

He spoke of collaboration not just in terms of a once a year joint initiative, but on every level.

What would happen, he posed, if all the churches were to forgo their individual names and just simply called themselves "the church."

"You can do a lot for the Kingdom of God if you forget about your brand," he said.

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