Friday, April 15, 2011

5 principles for selecting technology for your church

Recently I met with a pastor who had inherited an expensive online member database that no one in the church knew how to use, or in any likelihood would ever use.

The tool was built and priced for large churches, and for whatever reason, someone in the church (before his time) had signed up the church for this tool. They were paying for 10% of its functionality, and are never likely to use more than 20%. It was a poor decision, that was costing the church money.

Does this sound like a situation your church or ministry organisation has been in?

Decisions around tools and technologies aren't easy decisions to make, but the impact on church budgets when bad decisions are made are often long-lasting. What churches need are some general principles to guide the process of selecting technology - website development, member databases, presentation software, etc.

I suggest five to you now.

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