Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Avoid even a hint of immorality

I had an awkward situation a few years ago. My doctor prescribed a sleep study (part of some health tests I was doing in preparation for a new health regimen). The tech called me to arrange the details. She did not seem to have many details about the clinic, so I asked some questions. One of which was the setting -- in this case it was an office building with several faux bedrooms where they would wire me up and measure me sleeping.

I asked about the staff, and she was "it."

Then came that awkward moment. I knew she would not understand it, but I explained, "I can't come if it is just you and me in the building." It was awkward and I am guessing few ever said such a thing. So, I skipped out on my study.

It might seem silly to you, but let me encourage you to not see it as such. Many of you who read this are young pastors. I know too many pastors who have lost great credibility because of an accusation (let alone an indiscretion).

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