Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Brief History of Small Groups (part 1)

Exploring the development of small groups in the Bible and the history of the Church

When I first committed my time to learning all I could about the small-group process and its implications for not only the individual, but the church as a whole, the comment I often heard was: "Oh, this is a passing fad. It's the buzz word for the moment, but soon it will all pass."

But with a bit of reflection on the Scriptures, church history, and most certainly the dynamic model Jesus gives us, we soon realize that the small group has been the basis for changing lives for centuries and is here to stay. It is the small-group community where healthy relationships grow, where life stories are shared, and where spiritual growth influences the journey through future life experiences.

Indeed, small-group community is the heart and core for becoming the people of God.

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