Friday, June 03, 2011

BIBLE STORYING Article 10:Telling the story

In Bible Storying, make every shared opportunity a training opportunity.

Make best use of every shared opportunity with an interpreter or national Baptist partner a training opportunity. You will want to share your vision -- why you are doing what you do. You will want to share your own testimony and especially why you were led to share God's Word in this way -- a desire for all people to have the same opportunity that you had: For them to have their sins forgiven. For them to know Jesus as the One who gave His life as a substitute sacrifice for their punishment. For all people to be able to enjoy God's fullest blessing on their lives just as you have.

If those you are training can read English, be prepared to share a copy of the Bible lessons as you are teaching them. Remember the articles in this series is for your instruction; note that the articles may approach preparing for the evangelistic encounter differently than they might do in their own culture.

If you bring visuals with you like teaching pictures, be prepared to leave these in the hands of someone whom you train to use them. Take time with the person to go through the pictures (or other visuals) and explain each one. Then pray with the person that God will bless their use of the pictures as they teach the stories.

When there is no apparent response to the Bible stories, this can happen for a number of several reasons.

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