Friday, June 03, 2011

Holiness: J. C. Ryle and the Christian Life

Chapter 15: Do you love Me?

A disposition to love somebody is one of the commonest feelings which God has implanted in human nature. Too often, unhappily, people set their affection on unworthy objects. I want this day to claim a place for Him who alone is worthy of all our hearts’ best feelings. I want men to give some of their love to that divine Person who loved us, and gave Himself for us. In all their loving I would have them not forget to Love Christ.

The question which heads this message was addressed by Christ to the apostle Peter. A more important question could not be asked. Eighteen hundred years have passed away since the words were spoken. But to this very day the inquiry is most searching and useful.

Suffer me to press this mighty subject upon the attention of every reader of this message. This is no matter for mere enthusiasts and fanatics. It deserves the consideration of every reasonable Christian who believes the Bible. Our very salvation is bound up with it. Life or death, heaven or hell, depend on our ability to answer the simple question "Do you love Christ?"

There are two points which I wish to bring forward in opening up this subject....

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