Friday, August 05, 2011

First-Person: A theology of time

"For many leaders, complaints about not having enough time are about as common as breathing. Yet, God isn't a harsh taskmaster, making unreasonable demands or giving us more to accomplish than there is time to do it. Let's consider the issue of time management for leaders. Let's start, not with learning how to program an electronic calendar, but with developing a theology of time. In summary, what does God say about time?

First, God invented time and called it good. God demarcated days and nights as part of his creative work and called the result -- time -- good (Genesis 1:3-5, 31). Time was part of the pre-Fall creation, thus time is good! This means time isn't your enemy. There is nothing sinful or evil about time. So get over making so many negative comments about stress, fatigue and hurry caused by a 'diabolical force' called time.

Second, God established the time of your life. God placed you at the appropriate time in human history (Psalm 139:16). Your birth was perfectly timed for you to be part of this generation. Stop complaining about the times you live in. One friend repeatedly told me, 'I was born about a hundred years too late' as he longed for a supposedly simpler, more moral era. My friend was not untimely born. He was born at the precise time God intended ... and so were you...." To read more, click here.

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