Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Anglicans Unscripted Episode 20

Kevin and George discuss the very latest news from the Province of Rwanda and its relationship with AMiA. They also talk about interpreting Church Canons and the miracle from the Diocese of South Carolina. Peter Ould discusses the dirty little secret of the Church of England — don’t worry, we have the same secret here in America. And, finally AS Haley talks about another Bishop being deposed last week. To view Anglicans Unscripted Episode 20, click here.

Kevin and George will be surprised to learn that the Reformed Episcopal Church was not the first breakaway church from the Episcopal Church. An earlier breakaway church was formed in the 1850s and the name "the Evangelical Episcopal Church" was adopted. It was short-lived. Kevin and George will also be surprised to learn that the REC has not remained faithful to the evangelical principles of its founders. As George Bray pointed out in a recent Churchman editorial, the REC has succumbed to a form of Anglo-Catholicism.

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