Saturday, December 31, 2011

Solar So Good

St Newlyn East Parish Church is set to make solar history

An ancient Cornish church is waiting to hear in the New Year if they’ve got planning approval to be the first solar-powered CofE Church in Britain.

St Newlyn East Parish Church is a listed, Medieval building set to cancel its soaring fuel bills with twenty-two photo-voltaic solar panels.

Church Warden David Scott, who manages more than a hundred other churches in the Duchy, is the brains behind the pioneering scheme.

The cost of heating ancient churches has always been high, but has rocketed in recent years with the price of electricity.

Because many local churches are only used for a few hours a week, heating is chiefly electric: the least economical way of keeping a large building warm.

David told the News he hoped solar panels would heat the Church and provide more energy besides. To read more, click here.

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