Tuesday, December 20, 2011

War on Christmas: Atheists Neutralizing Christianity?

A Catholic civil rights group says that the attempt by atheist activists to remove nativity scenes and faith-related symbols from the public square during Christian holidays is proof that they have targeted Christianity.

The Catholic League, considered the denomination’s largest civil rights organization in the U.S., stated on its website that the “War on Christmas” is getting “crazy.”

League President Bill Donohue said that because atheist activists often become most visible in their actions against Christian symbolism during the Christmas and Easter seasons, it “is proof that their real hatred is of all things Christian.”

Donahue compared the recent actions of atheists inside the governments of foreign countries to the atheists in the U.S.

“North Korea is putting South Korea on notice, warning of ‘unexpected consequences’ if Seoul displays Christmas lights near the border. In China last week, government officials and the police smashed the sound equipment of Christians who were about to celebrate Christmas in a village outside Beijing,” Donahue explained.

“Our atheists share the same mindset, if not the same means,” he said. To read more, click here.

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