Thursday, February 09, 2012

Christian Café Provides Free Coffee, Food, and … Tutoring

Imagine a coffee shop where the drinks are free and the tabs are always paid for regardless of the time, day, or season.

Now add a few TVs, computers, couches, and some college kids, and you get the picture behind the new coffee house near Oklahoma State University started by two former alumni who desired to spread God's love in the community.

Friends Matt Brown and Matt Ball decided to open up their own cafe in downtown Bristow, where for seven days a week, everything – tutoring included – is free as part of their nonprofit organization Firehouse Ministries,

"Our aim in running the shop is simply to provide a place for people to come and experience the Lord's presence," Ball shared with The Christian Post via email. "They can come in, sit down and relax with a cup of coffee. Students can come in after school, do some homework, get a snack or just hang out with friends."

Many of the customers who frequent the place are believers who desire Christian fellowship or need prayer and an encouraging word, the co-owner described.

"We are praying with people every day, and many adults ask us about our faith to step out and trust the Lord to sustain us and this ministry." Keep reading

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