Friday, February 10, 2012

A tune-up or an overhaul?

One of the things I remember about my dad was his uncanny ability to diagnose what was wrong with an automobile. When I was a teen, he owned and operated his own garage where he serviced cars, trucks and just about anything with four wheels.

In the days before computers and electronic diagnostic devices, he would listen to the engine, ask a few key questions, and listen carefully to the owners' responses. Then, he would share his opinion about the needed service or repair. I must admit I did not learn much from my dad about cars, but I did learn the difference between a tune-up and an overhaul. A tune-up was relatively quick and inexpensive, requiring just a few hours of work without taking too big a bite out of the pocketbook. An overhaul was another matter altogether, and usually required leaving the car for a day or two, while the engine was taken apart, parts replaced and the engine reassembled. No one wanted to hear that diagnosis.

When it comes to following Christ, I've discovered most of us tend to settle for a tune-up, when what we really need is an overhaul. We think following Jesus is something we can add into the mix of our lives without too much of an adjustment in our routines. We don't mind Jesus making a few minor changes or variations. We are OK with a little "touch-up" work and a few minor alterations here and there.

However, according to the New Testament, following Jesus requires much more than a few adjustments or changes. It requires an overhaul -- a transformation. A tune-up cannot fix the brokenness deep within each and every one of us. Only a complete transformation, a divine intervention, by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can reach deep within us to heal our hearts, and save our souls. In other words, becoming a follower of Jesus is much more like an overhaul than a tune-up. Keep reading

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