Monday, April 30, 2012

ACNA receives two AMiA bishops

TJ Johnston and John Miller not Congo bound

The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) has received two bishops from the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) as honorary temporary assistant bishops.

The Rt. Rev. T.J. Johnston will serve as an assistant bishop to the Rt. Rev. Foley Beach of the Anglican Diocese of the South and the Rt. Rev. John Miller will serve as an assistant bishop to the Rt. Rev. Neil Lebahr of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese, Anglican Ink has learned.

A memorandum of understanding dated 18 April 2012 endorsed by Bishops Johnson and Miller and by Bishop Leonard Riches and Charlie Masters on behalf of the ACNA states the agreement serves to “provide a temporary jurisdictional connection” and will last for 180 days, with an interim review at the 90 day mark. Read more

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RMBruton said...

I imagine that Murphy is hold-up in some bunker in Pakistan. The ACNA Rangers will get him eventually. The Continuing Episcopalians are the Keystone Cops of Anglicanism.

Robin G. Jordan said...


What you are witnessing are the consequences of Chuck Murphy's poor judgment playing themselves out. He had built up a reasonably effective missionary organization--only to let impatience and other personal shortcomings to get the better of him. He could have worked through his differences with Archbishop Onosphore Rwaje. I suspect that he may also have listened to bad advice. The present migration of AMiA bishops, clergy, and congregations to the ACNA is not surprising.