Friday, April 27, 2012

“Better Together” Book Review

Several years ago my church, The Oaks Fellowship, was approached by a pastor of another congregation about turning his church into a campus of ours. I was asked to meet with the pastor to evaluate the opportunity and report back to The Oaks. The church had a great property and they didn’t owe much money, but the congregation had shrunk to below 60. The pastor realized that he had stayed too long. He had seen what The Oaks had brought to his community and wanted to partner with us.

I remember listening to him tell me all this and thinking, “I wonder if there is a book about this somewhere?” At that time there wasn’t, so I called as many churches as I could to get legal and practical advice. The process of studying models and listening to stories was a long one, so when I saw that Jim Tomberlin and Warren Bird were going to be releasing a book on church mergers, I was elated. Read more

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