Monday, May 28, 2012

Urgent doesn’t have to mean aggressive

As is often the case, it’s when I’m preparing to teach others that God first rebukes and teaches me.

Preparing to speak at a youth event to encourage young people to get involved in world missions I drew on the illustration of what we’d do if we were in a burning building and knew the way out. We’re not going to respect the sincerity of the person who is planning to hide under the table. We’re not going to be afraid of offending the person who is planning to wait for the lift. We’re not going to tip-toe around the person who thinks the building is not actually on fire. If we really do believe that the danger is real, and if we really are convinced that the fire escape is the way to safety, and if we have any shred of human decency, then surely we’d do whatever we can to persuade others to join us and be saved. (This video from atheist US magician Penn Jillette expresses just that view)

It’s simple really: judgement is imminent, the gospel is true, we love our friends and family, so why don’t we share Jesus with them with more urgency?

I think the problem is we don’t separate urgent from aggressive. Read more

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