Friday, May 25, 2012

When Man Takes God and Sin Seriously

A well-known television host did a story recently about a judge who is attempting to reduce the 10 Commandments down to 6 Commandments. Without going into all the details, I found the host's comments to be very insightful. He wondered what Moses would think about such a travesty.

Moses. Not the author of the commandments. Not the One up in heaven who gave us the commandments. But Moses. Really? Moses?

If that doesn't paint a picture of the way many people view God, I don't know what does. This story was reported on the day after the President of the United States came out in favor of gay marriage. Does anyone take God seriously today?

For many, God is just an unknown higher power who is there to protect us, but He doesn't really expect too much out of us. As long as we go through some religious motions, the big guy will keep looking out for us.

How seriously do you take God? How seriously do you take His commandments? Are you alarmed and even fearful when you break one of God's commands? Or are you more worried about what your pastor or priest might think of you?

How seriously do you take the cross where Jesus died for you? Oh… don't believe in that? I see. Well then, I guess you don't take it seriously at all. Read more

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