Saturday, June 16, 2012

Church Made Simple

Imagine hearing the word “church” and thinking not about a building or institution, but of two or three people gathered at a restaurant or bowling alley during the week with God in their midst.

It’s a concept called simple/organic church that Marvin Lorenzana believes can provide a meaningful discipleship experience for followers of Jesus, and particularly a younger generation.

Lorenzana has begun introducing this model to churches as part of his new part-time role as Christian service racial/ethnic church networker and recruiter for Mennonite Mission Network. He develops tools that can help church leaders improve how they mentor believers, especially youth.

To apply the simple church concept, Lorenzana suggests the use of discipleship groups comprised of individuals of the same gender. He advises pastors to first identify a mature, trusted person who is already a congregational leader. That person finds another committed church member. Together they find another person, who may be in or outside the congregation. The small group meets regularly to read scripture, pray and maintain accountability for one another as they serve and seek to disciple non-believers. The small group is a micro church. Read more

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