Saturday, June 02, 2012

Church silent on tech topics?

The ABC reported last week that children as young as 11 are accessing pornography.
Sydney University Department of medicine psychologists Professor Raj Sitharthan and his wife Dr Gomathi Sitharthan surveyed 800 people about their pornography use...
"The starting age to view porn was between 11-13 years, which actually surprised us, given that at such an early age people do seem to have some form of access to sort of look at porn material," Professor Sitharthan told the ABC's 7.30.
11 years old! This is frightening, isn't it? What is also frightening is that most parents assume that it's 'other kids' that are doing this. As I speak at schools and churches on the topic of 'keeping kids safe online', I'm constantly shocked by the general ignorance of parents - 'digital immigrants' - when it comes to issues of technology.

I don't say this to offend parents - in fact, I sympathise with them. Speaking personally, the prospect of one day raising a child in this ever-changing world is daunting, and is one that I can only consider pursuing in God's strength. Read more

The screens that are stealing childhood

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