Friday, June 08, 2012

Eric Geiger: Discipleship: More than Information

Many churches equate discipleship with knowledge. Churches who view discipleship as information transfer seek to stuff as much information about the Bible into as many people as quickly as they possibly can.

I realize this sounds noble, but the essence of discipleship is transformational not informational. Jesus did not merely ask us to teach everything He commanded. He asked us to teach people to obey everything He commanded, and the difference is massive (Matthew 28:19). The end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded but the obedience to all Jesus commanded.

If knowledge equals discipleship then Judas would be the poster child for discipleship. Judas was filled with information about Jesus, but he proved to have never truly been transformed by Jesus. In Matthew 26, Judas admits with his own words that he has never been transformed. Read more

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