Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Historic: Fred Luter elected SBC president

Native New Orleanian Fred Luter was elected by acclamation Tuesday, June 19, as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

He was nominated by David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church in New Orleans, whose three-minute nomination speech was interrupted four times by enthusiastic applause.

"[Luter] would likely be a candidate for sainthood one day if he were a Catholic," Crosby said in describing Luter as "the fire-breathing, miracle-working pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church." Read more

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The Southern Baptist Convention is becoming more multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial. How is the Anglican Church in North America doing?


RMBruton said...

So, am I to take it that this man actually breathes fire and performs miracles? Evidence please.

Robin G. Jordan said...


Read the other articles about Fred Luter. They give you an idea of what he has accomplished as a pastor, especially as the senior pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church. I have lived and worked in New Orleans and I am well-acquainted with the district of the city in which Franklin Avenue Baptist Church is located and the surrounding districts. They all sustained considerable physical damage and population loss due to Hurricane Katrina. What Luter accomplished with God's help is little short of a miracle. The author of the article may be forgiven his use of hyperbole in describing Luter's accomplishments.