Monday, June 18, 2012

Is It a Sin to Be Gay?

There are few topics more emotionally charged in our society today than the hot potato of homosexuality. It is out of this intense emotion and pressure that some ministers have been persuaded to proclaim that homosexual behavior is no longer sinful. Most of the people who subscribe to this new doctrine have a close friend or relative who struggles with same-sex attraction. It is a highly personal matter for everyone in that situation.

The Bible itself is clear on issues such as lying, stealing, adultery, murder, homosexual behavior, gossip, and greed....just to name a few. For some reason, only one of these seven offenses is no longer a sin according to those ministers who claim fresh enlightenment on the subject.

So is it a sin to be gay, or not? That all depends on what you mean by "gay." There is a big difference between having sinful desires....and choosing to engage in sinful behavior. One makes you culpable....the other doesn't. Read more 

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