Friday, June 08, 2012

Mike Riches: Strongholds

Satan gets a foothold into our lives when we align ourselves with his lies and give place to sin.

In this message we'll look at strongholds, the enemy's access points that can compromise God's power and purposes in our lives. We're also going to cover how these access points are established and how they can be dismantled.

In the fourth message in this series we mentioned that if I have inside of me the fullness of the power of Jesus Christ that raised him from death, it's not an issue of needing more power. A lot of times in the church of Jesus Christ we think we need more power. But in salvation, in our union with Christ we have the power that raised Christ from death. That's a pretty significant starting point. So it's not an issue of needing more power; it's an issue of why that power is not being released in my life. How can I see that power released in an increased measure to live triumphantly in Christ? I'm doing and carrying out the life and ministry of Jesus, seeing the kingdom of God advance through my life into others' lives, and a statement is made on behalf of the kingdom of God. Beyond that, the answer to how to live triumphantly in Christ is to understand what strongholds are. Read more

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