Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toward Denominational Unity

If there is one biblical theme we've heard a lot of in the RCA (Reformed Church in America) for the past 15 years it's the theme of unity. And no one is against unity. Jesus prayed for and Paul commends it, so who doesn't want unity? Truth-filled, grace-saturated, gospel-centered, Bible-grounded unity is precious beyond measure. And yet, such unity does not come by wishing for it, announcing it, or devaluing truth. The only unity worth having is a unity that takes doctrinal backbone, effort, prayer, and guts.

So what events would have to take place and what problems would have to be addressed for the RCA to experience genuine, vibrant, Christ-pleasing, Spirit-filled, God-glorifying unity?

Let me suggest ten things we would have to do as a denomination to enjoy this kind of unity. Though some points are specific to the RCA, I believe most suggestions are applicable to other church bodies as well. Read more

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