Friday, June 15, 2012

Trinity Anglican Church in Colborne, Ont., closed after deconsecration

If she knows anything, Canadian author Jane Urquhart knows the influence of history and the power of place.

Her celebrated novels are shot through with it. She even lives now with her artist husband, Tony, in the 200-year-old house her parents once owned in this Lake Ontario town, between Cobourg and Belleville.

It’s little wonder then that Urquhart became a leading voice of a local group fighting against the controversial deconsecration of Colborne’s historic Trinity Anglican Church.

And it was no surprise at all that she was in the grief-heavy pews Tuesday when the deed was done and the battle lost. Read more

Trinity United Anglican Church In Colborne De-Consecrated
Closed Colborne church is deconsecrated
Groups fight to keep Colborne church building
Trinity deconsecrated

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