Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Mature Believers Disagree on Secondary Doctrines

While all born again people agree on the Gospel....and the doctrine of the Trinity....and the doctrine of Christ's two natures....we are not in full agreement on many secondary doctrines. This isn't necessarily a problem in and of itself. Unfortunately, we sometimes take it a step further and attempt to push our "pet doctrines" upon one another.

I suppose we have all done it at one time or another. We mean well....but sometimes we go too far. We allow our minds to be driven by a secondary doctrine, even though there is much disagreement among mature believers on the doctrinal issue in question.

Pet doctrines can easily promote spiritual pride. Our "enlightened interpretation" can make us feel superior and smarter than all those Christians who don't agree with our perspective. "If only they were as impeccable in their interpretation as those in my group."

It may be our doctrine on the gifts of the Spirit....or our doctrine of the end times....or our doctrine concerning baptism....or our distinct view of church structure....or one of many other issues where mature believers hold differing views.

To grasp how this plays out among Christians, first think about those religious organizations that don't even have the Gospel. Their followers become obsessed in pushing their religion and their man-made doctrines. Why? Because the flesh drives man to obsess over the teachings which he believes make him and his earthly organization superior to other groups. Just look at the Pharisees in the New Testament as an example, as well as the various cults today that have come up with their own unique doctrinal positions.

The obsession with pet doctrines is widespread....but the flesh doesn't only drive unbelievers. Christians too become driven by their flesh at times. This happens when we become consumed to make our pet doctrine a constant theme and focus of our message. After all, we feel it distinguishes us from "all those other Christians." That in itself should be a red flag for us....the fact that we think our select group is the only one among all Christians worldwide to get this issue correct. Yea right. Read more

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