Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why I won’t be at church next Sunday

I've decided to become more involved with the local cycling club. Most of the blokes around here aren't much interested in church. Instead of waiting for them to change or thinking that church can be reformed to suddenly be attractive to them its much simpler if I go out to them. I want to mix with blokes in the real world. I can't lead evangelism in church if I'm not doing it myself.

There is a problem though. The only club rides here are on Sunday mornings. Saturdays get filled with kids sport so Sunday morning is the Dad's lycra & coffee slot.

So I'll need to skip early morning church from next Sunday. I can make it back for the family service (just - may be few minutes late) but the Seniors service will be starting at the same time as coffee.

That's ok - I'll get student ministers to cover that & come once a month (maybe when it's raining) to do the Lord's Supper.

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