Thursday, July 05, 2012

As Pastors We Must Teach and Train Parents

I met Heather in a packed hallway after the service one Sunday morning. When I asked her what she hoped to gain by worshipping with us, she answered, “Dave, I just want my kids to grow up and love the Lord.”

Heather is not alone. Many parents want this for their families. I do. You do too.

But we can’t ensure that our children will long to serve the Lord simply by dragging them to all of our church responsibilities, offering the best children’s programs, or employing the most creative children’s leaders. These are all good things, but there is a better place to begin—with the parents in the pews.

As pastors we must teach and train parents. It is then their job to transfer their faith to their kids.

So what is it that we must teach? Let’s start with three building blocks: prayer, Scripture, and trust. Read more

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