Monday, July 02, 2012

Drop the J Bomb

Are you seeking to reach your friends, neighbors, classmates or teammates for Christ? Then drop the "J bomb" sooner rather than later. Don't wait for days, weeks, months or years. Drop it early and often.

What's the J bomb? It's the explosive, transformative and catalytic Name of Jesus! This Name above all names creates controversy and conversation which can lead to salvation and transformation.

But all too often all too many churches subtly imply that a life well lived is enough. They imply that if you're a good neighbor, co-worker, student or friend then, at some point, others will ask what makes you so different. It's only at this point you have "earned the right to be heard" according to this not-so-Acts-like philosophy of outreach.

And, if we're honest, this brand of wordless evangelism appeals to our tendencies to lean away from the awkward. Read more

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