Thursday, July 05, 2012

Lifecyles of the average church

Though only made popular in the last decade or so in Sydney circles, the first research in the area of Church Lifecycles was published in 1962. Since this time much helpful research has been done in order to help churches understand their own dynamics so that changes can be made and more people reached for the Lord Jesus.

Now, this is not a theologically based tool. It is pragmatic, and the concept is used extensively by corporate strategists and others. With such tools being developed by observing the world’s inherent created order (whether or not this is acknowledged), the same tool can and has been used in a framework that seeks to build God’s Kingdom.

I have taken the diagram shown here and concepts from Dr Paul Borden’s book ‘Direct Hit’. He in turn has developed it from George Bullard. The interesting thing about this particular analysis is the mapping of how Vision, Relationships, Ministry and Structure tend to change as a church moves through a lifecycle. Read more

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