Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Bad Reasons To Go To a Big Church

I love big churches.

Any time massive numbers of people get together to worship Jesus, that’s a great thing.

But every size of church has its advantages and its challenges.

So there are both good and bad reasons to attend big churches just like there are good and bad reasons to attend Small Churches.

Today, I’m continuing my four-part series looking at those reasons.

If this post is the first one of the series you’re reading, please understand that it is not a criticism of big churches. It’s a challenge to people who choose to attend big churches for the wrong reasons.

To see the other side of this, check out my previous post, 5 Bad Reasons To Go To a Small Church and come back later for my upcoming post, 5 Good Reasons To Go To a Big Church.

Even if your church is great, it matters that we attend for the right reasons. So if you’re attending a big church for any of the following reasons, you don’t need to stop attending a big church. But you may want to assess and adjust your motivations. Keep reading

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