Monday, May 25, 2015

8 Arizona Pastors Create 'Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction' Sermon Series

Local Progressive Pastor Says They're Trying to 'Alienate' People Who Don't Interpret the Bible Literally

Eight conservative Arizona pastors have banded together to teach a sermon series to their local community titled "Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction," but one local United Methodist Church pastor, who holds more progressive views on the Bible, says they're trying to alienate people who don't interpret the Scriptures literally.

The series will be taught at eight different Fountain Hills churches and is being advertised on large billboards in front of each of them.

"It's a sermon series dealing with some of the essential tenets of Christianity — that being the deity of Jesus, the validity of Scripture, the literal, physical resurrection of Christ and the atoning sacrifice of Christ," said Christ's Church of Fountain Hills pastor Don Lawrence, one of the eight pastors preaching the series, to The Christian Post.

Lawrence said the series will deal with topics discussed in recent progressive Christian seminars held in Fountain Hills.

"For the last four or five years, there's been a series of seminars hosted in our community pushing the progressive movement," he said. "In those seminars they dismiss or argue against some of these basic Christian tenets. It has created a lot of questions and some confusion among [people] in our community, and so we [are doing] a series to address some of those questions that we have heard." Keep reading

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