Thursday, May 14, 2015

Issues in Church Leadership: Seven Articles

12 Often Overlooked Practices Great Leaders Develop That Poor Leaders Don’t

Ever wonder what separates great leaders from poor leaders?

Ever wonder whether you’re developing the practices and qualities of great leadership?

I’ve met more than a few ineffective leaders who have great intentions, but just haven’t developed the skills and attitudes that separate great leaders from poor leaders.

So what separates great leaders from not-so-great leaders? Keep reading

4 Words Leaders Must Say on a Regular Basis

Leaders are always communicating, even when they are not talking. But what words must a leader say on a regular basis? Here are four words leaders must use, not merely every now and then but continually. Over and over again. Keep reading

10 Commandments of Christian Leadership Development

When it comes to developing as a leader…specifically as a Christian leader, here are ten imperatives for development. Though not an exhaustive or infallible list, these challenges will help develop you as a leader. Keep reading

3 False Sources of Confidence in Ministry Leadership

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.” So wrote the elder Paul to younger Timothy (1 Timothy 1:12 NLT)

Paul’s words are the introduction to the Bible’s three volume textbook on pastoral ministry (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus). And in that introduction, Paul issues a fairly stern warning to Timothy to watch out for three of the biggest false sources of security and confidence for those who lead in ministry. They were, and are, and have been for me in seasons when I’m not on guard.... Keep reading

10 Lessons Leaders Can Take From Bad Days

As leaders, we all have bad days. Days when nothing goes right and everything we touch goes sour. All leaders have been there. You simply cannot be a leader and not have bad days.

The question then becomes what can we learn from the days we wish would simply just end. The following are 10 Lessons Leaders Can Take From Bad Days.... Keep reading

A Challenge to Young Leaders

Earlier this week I pointed out that there are fewer leaders who meet the typical “leadership profile” for positions such as senior pastor. From a practical and purely demographic vantage point, there are fewer people in Generation X than the preceding Boomer generation, so there are currently less available leaders in the often sought-after 35-50 age range than there were 15 years ago.

Now is a great time for younger leaders to be cultivated and tapped for significant leadership positions. And some churches and organizations are handing the leadership reigns to younger leaders. As this happens, younger leaders are wise to heed the challenge the apostle Paul gave to the man he discipled—Timothy. Keep reading

When Is My Ministry Done?

As I began seminary, the pastor of the church I attended resigned his position under less than ideal circumstances. So I stopped by intending to encourage him. But after I'd offered only a few words, he said, "Steve, I know that you've had a series of dramatic events (involving health and finances) in your calling to ministry. Remember these days because the time will come when you will be discouraged and may even consider quitting." I nodded, but that possibility seemed very remote.

After seminary I became associate pastor of a rapidly growing church. I was thrilled. But six years in, I had some mysterious physical symptoms: strong ringing in my ears, vertigo that lasted for hours, all accompanied by unrelenting nausea. The doctor told me that a disease I'd had years before, Ménière's, had moved into a new phase, and these were classic symptoms. But having experienced a healing in the past, my faith was strong that the Lord would also heal me of this, or at least prevent it from interfering with ministry. Keep reading
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