Thursday, May 28, 2015

Same Sex Marriage in the News: Five Articles

Why Australia should not rush to follow Ireland

“You’re a nauseating piece of filth”, tweeted Crikey political editor Bernard Keane to his 44,000 followers.[i]

‘Bigotry’, tweeted Labor member of parliament Stephen Jones....[ii]

ACL’s crime? We sought to discuss the consequences for children of changing the definition of marriage.[iii]

If this is the sort of abuse dissenters to homosexual political activism cop now, what will it be like when intellectual elites and activists have the force of law behind them?

Ireland’s redefinition of marriage and family should cause us to take a deep breath and consider the consequences to free speech and children. Keep reading

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Statement by Core Issues Trust on the Irish Referendum on Gay Marriage

Core Issues Trust offers its gratitude to the many thousands of citizens who voted against changing the Irish Constitution to replace marriage as the union between one man and one woman for life, with a new concept which takes no account of the sex of the marriage partners.

The Irish Government’s poll has enabled simple majoritarianism to usher in a radically new model of marriage based on the lowest possible construct: love while it lasts. Denying that all marriage is thereby redefined, the government has eliminated the very foundation of marriage based on natural male-female complementarity, a complementarity self-evident in human anatomy, physiology (procreative capacity), and even psychology. Now, instead of having sexual unions in which the extremes of each sex are moderated and the gaps filled, we will see the institution of marriage deteriorate even further as the extremes of each sex reshape marriage to be far more accommodating to non-monogamous behaviour and rapid dissolutions. The integrity of the sexes, male and female, will be further dishonoured as people are praised by the state for treating their sex half in relation to their own sex rather than as half of a whole sexual spectrum of male and female, as though two half-males make a whole male or two half-females make a whole female.

In addition, with the elimination of a male-female prerequisite for sexual unions, there no longer remains a logical reason to deny adult-consensual polyamorous unions or even incestuous unions (particularly incestuous unions where procreation is minimized or eliminated). For the limitation of two persons to a sexual union is predicated on the duality of the sexes, male and female; and the principle of embodied otherness upon which incest may be rejected absolutely is discarded in the embrace of the excessive sameness of same-sex sexual unions. The Irish Government in our view has also sacrificed innocent children to the demands of individuals who prioritise their “right” above the right of children to be raised by their natural parents. Keep reading

'Gay cake' case: Ashers Bakery will appeal discrimination verdict

The McArthur family, who last week lost a court case after a judge ruled that they had "unlawfully discriminated" against a gay rights activist, have confirmed that they will launch an appeal against the verdict.

"After much careful and prayerful consideration given to legal advice, we have decided to appeal the judgement handed down last Tuesday," the family, based in Belfast, said in a statement.

"We continue to insist that we have done nothing wrong as we have discriminated against no individual but rather acted according to what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.

"As many other people have already noted, Christian beliefs seem to have been trampled over in this judgement and we believe this only has negative effects for our society. Our hope and prayer would be that an appeal will allow us and other Christians to live out their faith in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives, including their workplace." Keep reading

Six Questions about the Supreme Court’s Upcoming Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Richard Hammar explains what clergy and church leaders should know ahead of the June decision. Keep reading

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