Friday, May 15, 2015

The Evangelicalization of American Christianity: My Piece for the Washington Post

Christianity's share of the population may be decreasing, but the Evangelicals' share of Christianity is growing.

Since Pew Research Center released its religion survey data on Tuesday, my team and I have been hard at work analyzing the data and writing articles for this blog, the USAToday, the Washington Post, and more to come.

We’ve gone from a time when nobody know what Jimmy Carter was talking about when he mentioned being “born again,” to where half of all Christians use that phrase or the word evangelical to describe themselves.

In my latest piece for the Washington Post, posted online yesterday, I primarily focused on how the Pew data revealed the mass evangelicalization of the United States.

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If evangelicalism is holding its own in North America and Catholicism is in decline, are the leaders of the Anglican Church in North America manifesting an unconscious death wish for their denomination in their pursuit of a policy of exclusion of Anglicans who are evangelical in their theological outlook and faithful to the protestant and reformed principles of the Anglican Church? Everywhere I look in the Anglican Communion the evangelicals are ones who are reaching and engaging the unchurched and planting new churches. They are also the ones who have growing churches. On the other hand, Anglo-Catholicism is the dominant theological school of thought in North America's Continuing Anglican Churches and they are in steep decline. Are the ACNA's Anglo-Catholic and philo-Orthodox bishops going to drag the denomination down with them?

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