Friday, June 26, 2015

Dealing with a Crisis: Three Articles

5 Things NOT To Do In Times of Crisis

In my profession, I encounter a lot of people in crisis. Since this is mostly a leadership blog, I tend to think of leaders I know who are currently or have been in crisis. They may be a personal crisis or within a group or organization in which you lead, but the way you respond will almost always determine the quality of recovery from the crisis. Keep reading

5 Things TO DO In Times of Crisis

In my last post I shared 5 things not to do in times of crisis. I am writing this with the leader in mind, but I suspect they may be life applicable regardless of the crisis. Keep reading

5 Things To Do AFTER the Crisis

I have been writing about the times of crisis — especially from the viewpoint of leadership. My hope is that if you are in crisis-mode right now you are beginning to see the end of the tunnel. I pray God brings you through this time quickly. Keep reading
These three articles by Ron Edmondson are not only helpful but also timely.

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