Friday, June 05, 2015

Is Leadership Dead?

Some strong current cultural trends may cause some to question whether leadership has become unnecessary, obsolete or even harmful.

In the past, the everyday citizen had limited access to information. Leaders were able to obtain, learn from and interpret that information for us.

Today, social media and the Internet have leveled the playing field, bringing power to the disenfranchised and a voice to the voiceless. Platforms are no longer the exclusive property of corporations, celebrities and political powerhouses, but are available to anyone who opens an account and builds a following.

Being an authority on a subject isn’t limited to professionals anymore. In fact, the professionals are sometimes viewed with skepticism because they are paid to do what they do.

And beyond the information we share and consume, there’s a growing resistance to being told what to do. This generation has stepped outside the old system of paying dues and playing by the rules. If it isn’t meaningful to us, it doesn’t happen.

Even some churches are asking questions about leaders. Some look at examples from the book of Acts and draw the conclusion that community-based leadership is the biblical ideal. Keep reading

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