Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Issues in Church Leadership: Five Articles

5 Reminders When You are the Community’s Pastor

There are times when a pastor is launched into the role of being a community pastor. At this point, it doesn’t matter the size of the church or the notoriety of the pastor. The community is looking for the pastor to lead. Keep reading

5 Reasons Delegation Fails

I encounter many leaders who claim to want delegation to be a part of their leadership. They know the value. But they are often frustrated with the results they receive on delegated projects, so they tend to control the project — which isn’t delegation — or they do everything themselves. Keep reading

13 Realities Of Angry Pastors

This is a very important post because the content below is going to save someone’s job and ministry. For others, it will be a sad reminder of lost opportunity. For another group, the information will be laughed off and ignored to your own peril. Keep reading

You're Not a Leader If You Never Say You're Sorry

You are not a good leader if you never tell people you are sorry. There are a myriad of issues in the heart of a leader who never apologizes. If you never apologize, at least one of the following is also true.... Keep reading

I Wish I’d Known: 3 Facts That Top My List

Three facts sit atop my ‘I Wish I’d Known’ list.

Fact #1: 90 percent of pastors will never pastor a church larger than 200 people. Keep reading

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